2023 - Reflections from our Founder

2023 - Reflections from our Founder

Greetings clean living lovers!

This time of year always brings with it traditions, festivities, love, laughter, gratitude, gifts, delicious food, perhaps a few overindulgences, and for me, a few moments for reflection.  I usually publish my list of reflections and this one could be my most pivotal yet.  So much has changed for me this past year, in fact, I think I have finally grown up, or maybe a better way to say it is come into my own. 

After 3 years of running my husband's financial firm, I decided to forge a different path after an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) laundry detergent incident.  It is ever-interesting the directions the universe takes you & for maybe the first time in my life I followed without questioning, the swift wind at my back, & haven't turned around to question the wake.  Here's to sitting still in the present, allowing reflections to fuel the future.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy typing them & maybe one or two will spark a reflection of your own.

  • You will know when you have found your perfect job.  It may involve hard work and ups and downs just like any job, but you will know deep in your soul it's the right one.
  • Your biggest fans can come in the form of a long-time dear friend, to someone you just barely met.  Don't underestimate anyone's ability to cheer you on & drive your success.
  • People don't change, they just don't, so if you are hoping someone will change either stop hoping or move on.
  • There is always room to get better at skills you think you suck at.  If you think you suck at them, you will probably continue to suck at them, so start by changing your inner dialogue and then give it the ol' college try.
  • You will continue to be surprised by opportunities that completely exceed your expectations & those that grossly under meet, it's best to have no expectations & be surprised.
  • Topical Vitamin C over collagen, who knew?
  • Making a connection is never a waste of time, you just never know when and in what way that relationship will evolve.
  • Progress over perfect.
  • You are never too old to tackle a physical feat.
  • Unstucking a financial rut is perhaps the hardest mindset to flip, but it is imperative.
  • Pursuing a passion never feels like work.
  • Work doesn't have to suck, and if it sucks find something else to put your energy towards.
  • Sometimes you just have to say no at the cost of disappointing others.  If they are true friends they will understand in the long run.
  • Some friendships take marinating.  The longer you wait, the richer they will emerge.
  • Kindness in the smallest of ways is magnified in the eye of the beholder more than you may ever imagine.
  • Wisdom really does come with age and it is a glorious thing to share.
  • Trust the people that are put in your path, they are there for a reason whether there for a lesson, an opportunity, or friendship they are all equally important.
  • Each year brings a greater sense of being, assuredness, gratitude, and love.  Charge ahead calmly & boldly.

May 2024 bring more lessons, opportunities, love, laughter, and adventure.

Live free,





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  • Becky

    Wonderful words of wisdom…Clean mind brings amazing outcomes🙌

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