3 Best Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home Quickly

3 Best Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home Quickly

Toxins are everywhere, especially in our homes.  In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency said that the top threat to human health is indoor air quality.  It can get overwhelming to try to figure out how to toxin-proof your home but rest assured that little changes can have an impact.  So, if you take any step towards a cleaner, less toxic home, start by reducing or eliminating these 3 things.


  • Whenever possible buy organic, especially produce.  At a minimum know the dirty dozen & either don't buy those items or only buy the organic varietal.
  • If you have pests, try an Integrated Pest Management approach.  
  • Get rid of pesticides you aren't using.  Be sure to dispose of them properly.  
  • When hiring pest control or even cleaning services, make sure you know exactly what they are using and find out the active ingredient.  You can check out the good, bad, ugly here & make your decision of you are comfortable with that substance in your home.


  • Fragrance is literally code for chemicals, many of which are harmful.  Eliminate products that list "fragrance" as an ingredient.  If you aren't keen to throw away items, simply replace products with new ones that don't contain fragrance as you use up old products.
  • If a product has a scent, just be sure the actual ingredient is listed, for example:  "lavender".  If it says fragrance, it may not be safe.


  • It is nearly impossible to eliminate plastics from your life, so start with areas that have an easy replacement.
  • BPA or bisphenol A is all the rage and many packages will declare "BPA free".  Be aware that there are many additional bisphenols like S and F  that are just as dangerous, so try to just avoid plastic packaging in general and don't forget that even cans can be lined with plastics.

Taking steps to eliminate those 3 toxins in your home is HUGE.  Remember, it doesn't have to be a one-and-done event.  Maintain mindfulness about these toxins & take steps where you can.  Small steps matter.

Be well, live free!



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