This shocked me too! "Clean Brand" offenders

This shocked me too!  "Clean Brand" offenders

How do you select clean products?  Is it based on a trusted brand you've had good experience with?  Perhaps it's a natural foods store that only carries natural products.  Is it the labeling?  Words like "free and clear" or an image of a sandy beach & palm tree?  Unfortunately "clean" is highly unregulated.  Even products that use the word "clean" can contain toxic ingredients.  Check out these examples.   These blew my mind!

Ratings shown below are from the EWG database.

Method, one of the first trusted "natural" brands.  This wood cleaner is labeled the "Good Daily Clean".  Not so "good" for your health, however.

Here is their antibac "bamboo" spray.  Does the green color of the bottle & the fact that it has a natural ingredient like bamboo make you think it is clean?

In fairness, they do have a few products that received a B.  Of the products EWG has reviewed, B is the highest score for Method.

Let's look at another brand:  Seventh Generation.  A widely trusted brand by many families who like the convenience of buying it at large grocery chains.  Their EWG rating varies widely.  The first 2 are both dishwashing detergents and the same scent!  

At the risk of sending you running for the hills, this is meant to just highlight that even trusted brands can have toxic ingredients.   And while one product may be just fine, another may not be fine at all.

So instead of running for the hills, run to us.  This is the reason we exist!  To help you take the guesswork out of reading labels & sorting through what products are OK, what are not OK.  Check out our products page & rest assured that every single product has been verified & receives an EWG verification, 1 or 2 for beauty or A or B for household cleaners.

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