Self Love Journal - Free Living Co
Self Love Journal - Free Living Co
Self Love Journal - Free Living Co
Self Love Journal - Free Living Co

Self Love Journal

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Feel happier and more confident as you learn how to reduce negative thoughts with this science-based journal. Over 91 days, our bestselling Self-Love Journal will give you the tools you need to reframe insecurities and start living a more compassionate, self-positive life. Record and reflect in as little as 10 minutes per day and become a stronger, healthier, more resilient you.

  • A beautiful A4 hardback, spiral-bound journal with calming, colorful designs 
  • 120 pages give you plenty of space to write, reflect, and grow
  • Tools to help you get rid of negative thought patterns
  • Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust
  • Each journal will come packaged in a 12.5x9 box by default.

From day one, Switch Research has been committed to science, data, and research; it’s what powers our journals. Experts, researchers, and psychologists have backed and informed every activity in them.

What the data says after 21 days

We’re proud to say we had the Self-Love Journal tested, and the results speak for themselves. After just three weeks, participants using the journal saw significant changes in multiple dimensions of Self-Love!

And after 91-days

The effects simply improved over time. After 91-days, the study found participants who received the journal improved even further from where they started, experiencing a…

SELF-JUDGEMENT- 30% Decrease

ISOLATION- 57% Decrease

SELF-COMPASSION- 42% increase

By Rhyann McKay, PhD Candidate at University of British Columbia & Sean Locke, PhD at Brock University.
66 participants were randomly assigned to either the journal group, or a waitlist control group. All were then surveyed on days 1, 21, 56, and 91.
They were measured on self-compassion, psychological wellbeing, coping, and gratitude. They were also asked open-ended questions about their perceptions of the journal.
The report says: “the use of the 91-day self-compassion journal was associated with improvements in all six domains of self-compassion (i.e., self-kindness, mindfulness, over-identification, self-judgement, common humanity, and isolation) and the self-acceptance domain of well-being. Participants found the journal enjoyable to use and reported adopting self-compassionate coping strategies and behaviors as a result of using the journal.

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