True Botanicals

    The founder Hillary Peterson, battled thyroid cancer after giving birth to her twins at the age of 32. “It was then that I discovered an unexpected truth – my beauty products were full of toxins! I could not believe that there weren’t stricter regulations protecting our health,” says Hillary.

    Hillary tried searching for skincare products that gave her the results that she wanted, without risking exposure to toxins. Her search was unsuccessful and with the help of anti-aging scientists, green chemists, and pioneers in sustainability True Botanicals was born.  She is committed to proving that her products are equal to or more effective than conventional brands & puts the resources behind clinical trials on all of her products. 

    What We Love About True Botanicals-  We love True Botanicals bioholistic approach to skin care, and commitment to products that are clinically proven to work with the same sensorial experience as conventional brands.  They are fully committed to sustainability and have challenged the status quo of beauty brands by committing to the MADE SAFE seal of sustainability, one of few brands in the industry to do so.  See for yourself & try some of our favorites below!