Our Mission

is simple

to help make homes healthier without the hassle

  • We read and scrutinize every label so you don't have to
  • We consolidate across household and personal goods to reduce shipping and packaging waste
  • We meet you where you are at

Our Story

Free Living Co was founded in 2023 by Dana Grinnell. She spent years in & out of hospitals as part of her medical device career and witnessed the rampant chronic illness that faces many Americans, many of whom were otherwise healthy. She strived to live clean but found it complicated, confusing, and exhausting to keep up with which brands and products were truly clean, not to mention the immense amount of shipping, packaging, & waste involved with shopping for clean products online. She was determined to make clean living simpler, easier, and more accessible to everyone.

The Highest Standard of Clean

Even marketplaces that tout high standards carry products with middle-of-the-road or harmful ratings. We don't believe in middle-of-the-road anything. We only carry products with the highest ratings meaning no questionable ingredients & safe for repeated human use.

Life Tested Products That Work

It doesn't do anyone any good to sell products that are inferior. Fortunately, many brands have found the secret sauce to ensure the product works, and the user has the same sensorial experience that they have with their favorite unsafe products. We feel very confident in our brand partners!

We Meet You Where You Are

We never want clean living to create hierarchies. Everyone deserves to have the choice to live a healthy lifestyle and even small changes can have a big impact. We don't believe in judgment only joy and good vibes. We strive to accommodate any budget by offering a range of price points.

Contribute to the Cause

We believe in advocating for change at the highest levels. Rather than recreating the wheel, we support the groundswell effort that has already begun.

Life is a Journey Enjoy the Ride!

Local Delivery + Nationwide Shipping

We currently deliver in the greater Park City area plus Heber & Salt Lake Valleys. We also ship nationwide and internationally.


Pop Ups + Educational Events

We pop up with local businesses, speak at clean + green gatherings, and celebrate wellness wherever and whenever we can. Check out....

Our Schedule

Private Parties

What to live free with your friends in the comfort of your own surroundings? We love bringing our free living & loving vibe to you & your besties.

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