Our Manifesto

I live free.  Free of toxins, harmful chemicals, and ingredients I cannot pronounce.  Free of BS, lies, and jerks.  Free of judgment on myself and others.  My inner freedom, my beauty, reigns free.  I live worry-free, anxiety-free, free of self-limiting beliefs and detrimental thoughts.  Embracing my life experiences, wearing the laugh lines, stretch marks, and scars proudly as the badges of honor they represent.  I run free, dance free, speak free.  My body moves free and I am body shame free.  I nourish, I energize, I falter with grace.  I find joy in the still, and stillness in the chaos.  Peace.  Peace of mind, I set my mind free.  I choose to love-free and live hate-free.  Caring for my Earth and her free spirit.  Striving for single-use plastic-free days and carbon-neutral nights.  Reducing my footprint, my mark, a green thumbprint for generations to come.  Recycling, upcycling, my experiences trump my possessions.  Gratitude for my space, my home, my work, my freedom on the road.  The road is my guide.  The stars light up my path and the sun shines down on my journey.  My freedom is my present, my presence is right here, right now.  My fake-free friends, the ones who light me, they are birds of a feather and together we soar like wings on a bird.  Free falling.  My guardian angel my universe, she sets my consciousness free.  My mind, the master of my inner freedom and my outer being.  My being is well, and my well-being is more precious than gold.  My wellness comes from a place that no one else can see, only me, and it bolsters my mind, my body, my soul.  Energy follows thought, I am well, I live free.


Be Well, Live Free,

Free Living Co