My Faves

I get asked a lot in person what I use and what I like.  Since I am a devoted & diligent tester of all the products on this site, I figured I would publish it here too!  I hope this helps you make some decisions.  And of course, I'm always happy to offer up some recommendations.  Just text!  208-869-6866

This Company Was Started Out of Frustration

Frustration that toxic ingredients are so prevalent in all of our everyday products. Frustration that labels are deceiving + stores that claim to be natural and clean carry products that aren't. Frustration with the shipping + packaging overload it takes to procure all the products I needed for myself & my family. Free Living Co is the solution I wanted. I hope you love it too! I love every brand & product I have hand-selected for you, to narrow in on it a bit, here are some of my must-have favorites.

For Home

This is what I use for dishes, laundry, & cleaning.


This is my favorite dish item! Very popular in the store too.

More Kitchen Faves


This has passed the stinky 14 yo boy football pant test, dirty mountain biking clothes, hot yoga & messy 3 yo. You only need a small amount, so don't fear the smaller size of the container compared to the Costco jug.

More Laundry Faves

Go-To Cleaner

This one covers just about all the bases with a few additions. I like the glass starter set that you can refill with the concentrate.

More Cleaner Faves
Be Kind Double Duty Mist Calm Ginger Tumeric Cleansing Balm Your Only Meditation Gel Cream One Perfect Revival Eye Cream Renew Chebula Active Serum

Skincare is one of my guilty pleasures

My Skin Care Routine

I have been a clean skincare aficianado for more than a decade and have tried all the brands (many of which I later figured out weren't totally clean). Here is my favorites-du-jour.

Face Bath + Body

No More Plastic

My plastic swaps are so good I don't even want to go back to the toxic stuff. They look beautiful, clean easily, and work even better than the old stuff. See for yourself!

Superfood Tea Superfood Latte Organic Superfood Bar Superfood Smoothie 5-Pack Stainless Steel Tea Strainer | Infuser

Nourishing but

Grab + Go Style

These are my go-tos when I don't have time to make a healthy meal. The lattes, smoothie packets, & bars are science-backed, lab-tested, and created by top chefs. The teas are created & concocted by a nutritionist with only the finest ingredients.

My Faves - Nourish

My Family is Into Clean Too!

Maybe it's my influence or maybe they just can't help but shop at my warehouse. Here are their favorites, life-tested and hand-selected by them!


My husband is a total minimalist. He uses what is in front of him. He has added the JackFir eye cream which he says he can "feel it working". So there you go!

Frank's Products


Rowan is 14 & VERY active. He is in that hormonal stage so skincare is a growing concern. He has a wild head of hair so we try to keep that as clean as possible (in all senses of the word).

Rowan's Products


Milan is 10 and she is without question the best tester in the family. She has tried as many skincare items as I have. However, she doesn't quite need all the benefits from some of them that I do, and what quantity to use is always a consideration. Check out what we ended up putting in her everyday routine.

Milan's Products


Axel is 3 and he is a full-on, always on the move, no meal is too messy type of dude. His cells are dividing & growing faster than any of ours so I am particularly careful with his products especially sunscreen.

Axel's Products

Aspen's Picks

Aspen is a sweetheart and as prissy (or pretty) as she looks she is the first pup to hit the mud puddles, in fact she has earned the title "Bog Dog". She is very sensitive and allergic to just about everything, so these are great on her skin & paws in wintertime when she loves nothing more than to romp in the snow.