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Sleepy Dust

Free Living Co has reviewed the product and deemed that the product is free of ingredients on the unacceptable list, is transparent, uses eco-conscious practices, and is a company & brand we are proud to offer.
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Sleep Moon Dust for Restful Slumber

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep? The reason for middle of the night wake ups is usually a reaction to excessive amounts of stress hormones. When your stress hormone levels spike, it triggers a response that disrupts sleep patterns. The Solution: Sugar and salt. Yup. Sugar signals the body to shut down the stress hormones + salt helps maintain a homeostatic state in which adrenaline doesn’t spike.

Keep Sleepy Dust next to your bed. Upon waking up, place a small pinch under your tongue and allow the mixture to gently melt. Do as little as possible so you don’t wake yourself up anymore. Lay back down onto your pillow and welcome sleep. It’s that easy!

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