Three Ships Beauty

    Laura and Connie started Three Ships in 2017 from a humble apartment kitchen and only $4000 in savings. Frustrated with the greenwashed, overpriced, and overcomplicated skincare on the market, they set out to create the most effective natural beauty brand in the world.

    At Three Ships, we believe you don't need a 12-step skincare routine to have happy, healthy skin. Three Ships products are formulated by world-class chemists to solve skin problems simply. We label our products clearly and have an Ingredients Glossary hand so customers always know what's behind our products.

    Why We Love Three Ships-  We love that Three Ships is simple, natural, transparent, and free from 2500 harmful ingredients.  We think their skin care regimen works brilliantly & we think you will too.  Because of the simplicity we love their products for teens, young adults or adults who don't want the multi-step fuss.