Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co
Organic Vegan Soap Bar - Free Living Co

Organic Vegan Soap Bar

Free Living Co has reviewed the product and deemed that the product is free of ingredients on the unacceptable list, is transparent, uses eco-conscious practices, and is a company & brand we are proud to offer.
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This well rounded and beautiful bar can be used as shampoo, soap, face wash or all the above!  4oz bar.

Balthazar All Over Bar: Named for one of the three wise men, this handcrafted bar is fragranced with an uplifting combination of Frankincense and Organic Myrrh essential oils and has organic golden Turmeric marbled in.

Calming Chamomile + Lavendar:  This soap bar is fragranced with organic essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender and smells like pure comfort. It is topped with organic botanicals of Lavender Flowers and Chamomile Buds. 

Jasmine + Sweet Orange:  Oh, what a sweet scent. This bar will moisturize, hydrate and nourish your skin while pleasing your nostrils. The sweet scent of orange mixed with the floral aroma of jasmine is sure to please.

Jasmine, Cedar, Pine:  This beautiful Jasmine, Cedar, and Pine scented soap is hand-cut and made with cleansing Rose Clay. We snuck in a layer of Bronze Mica with adds a luster and shine you won't get anywhere else 

Lemon + Poppyseed:  We've added gently exfoliating poppyseeds and mustard seed powder that nourishes skin, fights infections, as well as soothing the aches and pains in muscles and joints. The lemon essential oil has been proven to burn fat. This thoughtful combination not only smells amazing but it will leave you feeling happier too. 

Lemongrass + Mint + Activated Charcoal:  This bar will clean you up! The cleansing properties of the french green clay and the activated charcoal will literally cleanse every pore drawing out toxins like no other, but don't be fooled, it will leave your skin moisturized and hydrated, not tight and dry. The refreshing scent of the lemongrass and mint will wake you up and leave you alert, focused and ready for your day! 

Rose Garden:  Love roses, well this is the bar for you. Made with natural pink clay, rose absolut and a delectable layer of rose petals, this bar has all the makings of a new favorite. Smells amazing, feels amazing and will leave your skin feeling amazing. 

Citrus + Calendula:  Want a soap that perfectly captures the feeling of summer? This bar will do the trick. Made with a beautiful blend of Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Sandalwood, this bar captures, the sweetness, the happiness and the warmth of summer. We've added beautiful calendula flowers that remind us of the sunshine as well as completely nurture your skin. 

*Essential oil soaps are a muted scent. There is no synthetic fragrance oil in our soaps.*

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