What is your Why Behind Living Clean or Not?

What is your Why Behind Living Clean or Not?

What goes through your mind when you think about living clean?  What a hassle?  Labels are so confusing & who has time for that anyway?  Clean products are expensive?  Clean products don't work?  I love the way my non-clean products smell?  I need the strength of chemicals to get my clothes/house/face/body clean?  I am NOT Erin Brockovich. 

This is not meant to discount any experiences you may have had with clean products in the past, but would your motivation to find better, cleaner, safer products change if you were guaranteed a health disruption as a result of malicious chemicals in the products you know & love?  Like cancer or trouble conceiving.  Or perhaps the more positive outcome of a guarantee that by eliminating chemicals in your products you would be guaranteed perfect health?  Now there are no guarantees either way, but check this out.

EWG conducted a study which found that women on average come in contact with 13 personal care products per day containing 114 ingredients, on average 2 of which are linked to cancer and 2 linked to chemicals that harm the reproductive & development systems.  Men use 11 products daily containing 105 ingredients (1).  If that exposure repeats itself every day, 365 days a year, for years and decades, is it a wonder that 4 out of 10 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (2) and 1 in 6 people worldwide are affected by infertility (3)?  If you are past child-rearing years endocrine disruption is not a positive when it comes to perimenopause or andropause (male decrease in testosterone with age).  Not to mention the possible impact on young bodies who may live in your home.  And these aren't the only health ramifications toxins/chemicals can have.  

While it is impossible to completely avoid all exposures to the $4.7 trillion chemical industry (4), we certainly can impact the toxins we are exposed to by choice.  And shouldn't we?  If you are starting to channel your inner Erin Brockovich, teeth clenched, frog collection kit in hand, thinking "I'm going to go out and get those MF'rs..." good!  Enter real life: job, kids, exhaustion, etc.  You don't have to beat down the chemical companies to have an immediate impact on your health, your home, or your family.  You also don't have to bring out the dumpster & start cleaning house (no pun intended, or maybe).  Small changes over time can make a big impact.  And if you don't even know what chemicals to avoid or what products may be the biggest offenders, never fear!

Free. was founded to take the guesswork & the overwhelm out of living clean.  We offer information in bite-sized pieces that are meant to help you understand the why behind clean living & how.  We filter through all the fancy marketing claims, the complexity found on ingredient labels, and life test as many products to ensure they actually work.  In certain markets, we even take the shipping costs & packaging overload away and deliver right to your front door with a big smile and plenty of good vibes.  Check out what we offer here.  In the meantime, EWG is a fantastic resource to start identifying any big offenders.

Be well, Live Free

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