10,000 Less Toxic Home Challenge


There are about 90,000 chemicals in consumer goods, AND ~1,000 added every year. Many of which are carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, and immunotoxic. Even if you don't have symptoms now the chemicals can accumulate in your body over time and wreak havoc!

We are teaming up with Optimize the Inside to help make 10,000 homes less toxic.  Are you ready?  Join us!

Get Started!

By purchasing clean products at Free Living Co or scheduling a home audit with Optimize the Inside you automatically enter to win product giveaways at each 1,000 home milestone.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth spent almost a decade with debilitating illnesses that western medicine could barely diagnose let alone treat. She was able to heal herself through alternative methods including eliminating the toxins she was exposed to in her air, water, pantry, and products. She is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner & incredibly knowledgeable on toxins and ways to avoid them. To commemorate her journey to health, we are helping to make 10,000 homes less toxic!