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Congratulations you have taken the first & a very important step to reduce the toxins in your life to live healthier. We know it can be overwhelming so we created this step-by-step road map for you! We are here to help with recs based on your unique situation as well, just send us a text: 208-869-6866!  Here's to living free!

No Brainer Swaps

These are everyday items and they are a great first step in your clean living journey as they look, feel, function just like your old staples EXCEPT they are free from ingredients that can cause you harm. Here we go....


If you are completely overwhelmed and absolutely don't know where to begin, start here! Start with Defunkify's dish pods. This is your first step in a great direction!

Cleaner Dishes


Next stop that ever-working washing machine. No excuses for these clean products, they actually work! Pick a format, pick a scent then ready-set-wash.

Real Clean Laundry

All Purpose Cleaners

You can try to get fancy with household cleaners or you can just start here. These products will cover just about all of your bases. Add the extras when you are ready.

Cleanest Cleaners
Baking Soda & Aluminum Free Deodorant Body Wash Liquid Coconut Oil Multi-Tasker Fragrance Free Hand & Body Lotion Leaves Bar Body Soap

Once You've cleaned up your home its time for

Bath + Body

Pick your favorite & put a hand soap, lotion, maybe a 2:1 body wash + shampoo in every bathroom in your home. We love them all, you can't go wrong!

Shop Bath Shop Body

Sustainable + Plastic Free Swaps

Once you've cleaned up all the liquids, its time to think about Mother Earth + start reducing the plastics in your life. Bamboo is a wonderful alternative to reduce deforestation. Plastic production is not only terribly harmful to the environment but the microplastics that leach into your food & ultimately your body can cause many health mal effects. Trust us, once you try these you won't go back.

Paper Products

Keep our Earth happy without any sacrifice at all. Bamboo is soft, effective, & a great alternative. Or try our recycled paper products.

Forest Friendly Swaps


Sometimes life calls for disposable products like trash bags, zip locs, and food wrap. Try these alternatives to plastic.

When Life Calls


Reusable food storage & dishware is a great (& fun) way to eliminate or reduce plastics in your kitchen. We absolutely LOVE all of these picks!

Plastic Free

Cleaning Up Your Littles

Those little growing bodies need no toxins! Here you will find everything from bath time to hair tangles to plastic-free lunch options. They are fun, still smell great, and harm-free for the little loves of your life.

PS- Check out the cutest bamboo bandages!

Belly + Baby

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to reevaluate the toxins in your home in preparation for baby. It is also time to take care of your bump, boobs and everything in between. Here are the key ingredients for a clean pregnancy + welcoming your bundle of joy.

Welcome Home | Healthy Home Basics + Starter Kit | Health Starts at Home - Laundry Cleaning Crew Caddy | The Fully Stocked Caddy Cleaning Crew Caddy | The Basics Starter Kit | Bundle of Joy - Baby

Go for broke

Did We Have You at Hello?

Here are the starter kits that will get you going swiftly. Grab our Ultimate kit, or start with a few smaller starter sets. Rest-assured, we have life-tested these products to the extreme & we hope you will too!

Starter Kits