"I co-founded ATTITUDE in 2006 to develop products that are better for our health and the environment. My wife’s pregnancy gave the added pressure of living up to my child-to-be’s expectations.

    This little person sparked purpose that became a burning passion: To create the best consumer products in the world. By working with imaginative, innovative scientists, we continue to develop clean and performance-driven beauty & home products in innovative, low-waste packaging.

    We hope to show there is a better way to do things for you, your family and the planet.  Thank you for joining our journey."

    -Jean-François Bernier, ATTITUDE co-founder and CEO

    Why We Love Attitude-  We love Attitudes performance (the stuff really works), packaging, and breadth of product.  Start with the laundry detergent & all purpose spray (a little goes a long way) then move on to their lovely hair products & even give their plastic free deodorant, skin care, and makeup a try.  You won't be disappointed & guarantee you won't have a reason to go back to your ol'staples.